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Welcome To The Holistic Clinic

We provide Acupuncture, Holistic Medicine, Chinese Herbs and Massage in our Acupuncture Clinic serving Franklin Tennessee and the surrounding Nashville area

Come Relax with Acupuncture, Cupping and Massage

We offer Safe and Effective Acupuncture, and Holistic Functional Medicine with Clinical Results, in a Spa-like environment

Acupuncture Heals the Body at the Root Cause

Our Franklin Acupuncture Clinic has a tranquil healing environment where each person is given quality time and the highest level of medical knowledge

Franklin's Concierge Acupuncture and Holistic Healthcare

A Unique Acupuncture clinic offering Holistic Medical treatments in a spa environment, serving Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville Tennessee

The Holistic Clinic is the Premiere Acupuncture clinic in Franklin and surrounding Nashville, known for providing Relief, Relaxation, and Wellness

Acupuncture Pain Management

Whether you are looking to alleviate pain from chronic use, or injuries, our Franklin Acupuncturist specializes in Acupuncture for pain management.
Women's Healthand Fertility

Fertility/Women's Health

With 12 years of experience specializing in women’s health at every level-fertility, pregnancy, hormones, and menopause, our Franklin Acupuncture Clinic is on the forefront of fertility issues!
Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

Our Franklin Acupuncturist has knowledge in both Eastern and Western Medicine, with specialties in complicated and difficult cases.  Our Holistic approach can help give you the relief and the help you need.

Now Offering Alpha-gal Allergy Treatments

We look at the body as a whole system and treat the whole body at the root of the issue!

Amy Suplee is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Accredited. She has been practicing Acupuncture for 12 yrs.  She attended Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA with educational standards which are unsurpassed in the field. Her specialties are pain management, women’s health, fertility and chronic illness.  She is the owner of The Holistic Clinic in Franklin Tennessee. To learn more about your Acupuncturist click here.