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Pain is gone from Acupuncture!

Nashville Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps pain!

My first visit to The Holistic Clinic was in April 2014. That was the first time in several years that I felt no tension in any part of my body. I went in for burning and tightness in my feet, tightness in the calf of my legs and back pain. I came out with the tightness and burning gone as well as no tension in my back and neck-which I didn’t realize I had. I had dealt with the tightness in my neck for so long that I didn’t realize it was a problem. Amy was great, she found the issue with my neck and took care of then. No tightness in my neck since. Just walking in the door you begin to relax. Amy is always smiling and is always concerned with how I am feeling. The music playing is very calming and it takes you to a peaceful place. The massage takes you deeper into relaxing and the acupuncture completes it all and gives you a total new body feeling. I highly recommend visiting The Holistic Clinic.

Acupuncture is here to stay!

Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture is Great!

I am soooo glad that we found an Acupuncture Doctor that we can trust. I had been to my regular Doctor for my pain and digestive issues and got nothing but pills to solve the problem. I found Amy through a friend’s referral and am so glad I did. She is a truly GREAT Acupuncturist in Franklin. Her needles do not hurt, and she takes a lot of time to explain about health and changes that need to be made. I am not one for taking a lot of supplements and she explained that she does not like to overdo supplements either. She really focuses on what is best for the body and AFFORDABLE, which is very important for me. I am planning to go every month to keep my health in balance. Plus, I love the atmosphere and her amazing dog Milo!

8 Year Old Chooses Acupuncture over Candy!

Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture Makes me feel Good!

I brought my 8 year old with me to acupuncture. I wanted her to try it for some ankle pain and some minor digestion issues. I thought it would be good exposure too. We both got acupuncture. I always feel great after. But, my 8 year old loved it! Amy talked to her after and asked her what she thought. She said it made her ‘feel good.’ Amy asked her if she would rather have acupuncture again or candy and she said, ‘acupuncture!’. I was amazed. But, this stuff really works! Amy is great.

Ok, Im a believer!

Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture got rid of my pain!

My back was in such rough shape when I called Amy. I had a referral from a friend. I had lower back pain and sciatica that was making it difficult to walk or go to work. In one session I felt a huge difference. The pain was really reduced and I could hardly even feel it. I went back for one more visit and after that, no more pain. My back has felt better ever since. Thanks Amy…Im coming back for sure.

Acupuncture Really Works!

Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture got rid of my Migraines!

I saw acupuncture on Oprah and thought that maybe it could help with my migraines. I went to see Amy and she talked to me for a while. I could tell she really cared. She was full of knowledge and seemed to know exactly what to do. She gave me acupuncture and I swear this was the most relaxed I have ever been. She sent me home with some herbs. I left feeling like I had just taken a drug. I felt great. In 3 sessions, my migraines were completely gone. If you are looking for an Acupuncturist in Franklin or Nashville, The Holistic Clinic is the place to go to!

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Acupuncture not only alleviates the symptoms, but it treats the root issue effectively and safely