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Pain Management is A Specialty at The Holistic Clinic:

Acupuncture has been known to be highly effective for pain management.  This is true because rather than masking the issue, it gets to the root of the pain.  We specialize in Acupuncture for pain management at our Acupuncture clinic in Franklin. When pain exists in the body it is because there is a lack of conduction or flow in the nervous system.

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Why Does the Body Experience Pain?

The body then sends a message to the brain telling the brain that there is a disconnection.  This is translated into a message that our body can understand as ‘pain.’  Pain occurs as a symptom to alert the person that there is something wrong in the body.  Medication acts on the brain to block the pain signal.  This alleviates the brain’s interpretation of the pain, yet the root of the pain, the blockage, is still there.  If you have pain, our Franklin Acupuncturist can help to relieve it, at the root so it does not return.

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 How Can Acupuncture alleviate Pain?

Acupuncture is effective because as a needle is inserted,  it reaches the level of the nervous system.  This fires 3-15 micro volts of energy, creating electrical conductivity, which gets to the root of the issue.  This increases flow in the nervous system while decreasing inflammation at the nerve root.  Our Nashville Acupuncturist is gentle, yet effective when it comes to alleviating pain with Acupuncture.  Because Acupuncture is such a great modality, it is becoming the go-to treatment before people consider surgery.  Why get surgery if it is unnecessary?  It is always recommended to start with the least invasive option first.

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Acupuncture works for Pain!


Acupuncture is highly effective for pain management.

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