Acupuncture Balances Mind, Body and Spirit

Acupuncture is Uniquely Effective Because it Gets to the Root of the Illness vs Just Masking Symptoms.  We treat Everything that a Western Doctor Treats but it is treated Naturally with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Acupuncture is Evidence Based

According to National Organizations Acupuncture is Evidenced Based!

Acupuncture Works by Inserting very thin needles in Acupuncture Points that Stimulate the Body’s Natural Response to Heal. This healing takes place at a DNA, cellular and biochemical level as each point begins to communicate and transmit an impulse along the nervous system.  This helps the body to balance digestion, hormones, nerve impulses, systems, organs and structures.

I had never had Acupuncture before but it was highly recommended for a knee injury.  The needles were painless and in one treatment my knee was so much better and my range of motion was back!

Anthony Webster, CEO Yoga studio

What Acupuncture Treats

Why Should You Try Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is Quick!

Acupuncture has been used for Thousands of Yeas for pain relief, hormone balancing and overall wellness.  It is the one modality that helps the body get quickly back to a state of harmoney

Acupuncture is Effective!

Acupuncture gets to the root of the issue, in a natural way.  Medications are temporary.  Acupuncture is a safe and long lasting solution that does not mask an underlying issue.  It addresses it!

Acupuncture is Affordable!

Preventative Health is the Key to Wellness!  If we address issues as they come, it will save us thousands of dollars later in unwanted surgeries and chronic illnesses that arise later.  

Why Choose Us

Our Acupuncturist is Highly Experienced and Cares about Her Patients

With 14 years of Experience, with a diverse background in multiple areas of Eastern and Western medicine, Our Acupuncturist specializes in results.  Whatever is ailing you, we are on a mission to get you feeling better quickly!


What You Can Expect to Feel After Acupuncture


You should feel relaxed but feel an increased level of energy


Because Acupuncture Balances the body, you can expect to feel stronger in every way!

Stress Relief

Acupuncture releases calming and happy neurotransmitters in the brain.  Most patients report feeling very relaxed and calm.

Relaxed & Refreshed

Receiving Acupuncture is like hitting the reset on the body.  Therefore, patients feel renewed and refreshed with a new outook.


Acupuncture provides a sense of lightness, with an overall balancing that can be achieved with no other modality.

Mind & Body Connection

Acupuncture gives a sense of connectedness, where it leaves one feeling grounded in their body and their systems working proficiently.


What People Are Saying

The Holistic Clinic is the best Acupuncture clinic in Nashville!  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  Amy truly cares and she has years of experience so she can truly think outside the box.”

Antonio Compbell

CEO of Business Relations, Franklin TN

My carpal tunnel and joint pain was so bad that I didn’t think I could work anymore.  Amy got me feeling good in one treatment and I continue to see her on a regular basis.  She has helped me tremendously! I cannot thank her enough.

Helena Smith

Record Artist Producer

Amy helped to make my dream come true of expanding my family.  I had multiple failed pregnancies and miscarriages.  I saw Amy weekly and she helped me welcome in a baby girl to our lives.  I love her and The Holistic Clinic!

Isabella Edwards Compbell

Mom, and Dancer

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Ready to Make a Change?

If you’d like to make Acupuncture part of your lifestyle for preventative and lasting change, feel free to contact us with any questions!