Acupuncture Helps All Types of Pain!

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Most people wonder what acupuncture treats and have heard that it helps with pain.  But, how exactly does it work and what types of pain can it treat?  The answer is rather simple; it helps with all types of pain.  The way the body works is, when there is some type of disharmony, malfunction, inflammation, trauma or injury, the body will send a nerve impulse to the pain receptor in the brain, which in turn sends that signal back to the area, so the brain and body communicate with one another so the person feels pain at this specific area.  This pain is often due to lack of blood flow, inflammation, and the nerve at that junction not being able to fire an impulse properly.

Acupuncture works by a very thin needle is inserted into this area of pain, which reaches the nerve, allowing for blood flow to circulate, inflammation to go down, and the nerve to fire properly.  Once the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves are working properly, it will thus send an impulse back to the brain, telling the brain that all is well, and the pain receptor is then shut off.

Acupuncture treats all types of pain; from upper back and neck pain to lower back and sciatic pain.  People come in with arm, leg, hand and foot pain.  It all basically works the same way where the nerve that is aggravated is alleviated, and the problem is resolved at the root level.  Pain itself is not easy to deal with.  It is very aggravated, and having a hot fiery nerve is typically very ‘heating’ by nature.  In Chinese Medicine, we look at everything from a holistic perspective and we see things based on the level of balance in the body.  This often times is looked at as a balance of yin and yang or hot and cold elements.  If there is too much heat in the body, the body will experience symptoms like night sweats, irritability, insomnia, and constipation.  If there is too much cold, the person will be very sluggish, tired, have slow digestion, cold limbs, and lack of motivation.  So, its important to have a balance of both hot and cold with neither being dominant.  Pain is very heating, and will often times cause someone to feel flushed or ‘heated’ if it is intense, with symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, or agitation due to its constant stabbing, shooting or aching nature.  It is not a pleasurable feeling and it is meant to induce these mental symptoms so the person in pain will act on it to correct the bodily imbalance.

Acupuncture is so helpful for anything pain related because it can target pain at the root, as well as alleviate the symptoms.  Acupuncture treats both acute flair ups and chronic pain.