Ensuring The Safety of Our Patients During Covid-19 and Offering Acupuncture

We at The Holistic Clinic are following the news very carefully as well as the CDC guidelines.  We want to make sure we are acting responsibly, ethically, and doing anything possible to prevent transmission of Covid-19, from patients to our Acupuncturist, or vice versa and keeping everyone safe.  We always strive to be part of the solution vs part of the problem.  This website is updated as new information is updated according to the CDC or the Presidential Administration.  We are doing the following to ensure the safety of our patients and to follow national guidelines:

We are currently in PHASE 2 of Reopening from Covid19

We are asking that before entering, patients have their MASK ON and shoes removed.

For at risk patients, There will only be one patient in the clinic at a time.

We ask that Upon entering, please immediately go the restroom and wash your hands. 

Our office is being disinfected between each patient and throughout the day.  We have virus killing essential oils diffusing and they are being sprayed in the air between patients.  Patients are being asked to remove their shoes.

We are asking patients if they have any covid-19/cold/flu symptoms at all.  You will be asked if you have a headache, cough, sore throat, achy body, chills/fever, runny nose or a temperature.  If any of these symptoms are present, we are asking individuals to quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Your Acupuncturist will be wearing a face mask and will have washed hands with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer prior to touching you.

We feel it is important for patients to be able to continue acupuncture treatment for those who are receiving benefit with acupuncture for stubborn pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pregnancy related issues, fertility, bell’s palsy, digestive problems, etc.   In taking these measures, we feel safe in continuing to be there for our patients.

**Please call our Acupuncturist in Franklin TN to discuss your needs if you would like to be treated or you can schedule online**