Ensuring The Safety of Our Patients During Covid-19 and Offering Acupuncture

We at The Holistic Clinic are carefully screening new patients.  You will undergo a screening process where our Acupuncturist will ask you if you have any signs/symptoms of Covid, and will be asked about risk factors.  If any symptoms are present or if we deem you are not a good fit for the clinic, you will not be allowed to book an appointment.  We are following the news very carefully as well as the CDC guidelines.  We want to make sure we are acting responsibly, ethically, and doing anything possible to prevent transmission of Covid-19, from patients to our Acupuncturist, and vice versa,  and keeping everyone safe.  We are doing the following to ensure the safety of our patients and to follow national guidelines:

MASKS ARE REQUIRED in the clinic at all times.  If you have an issue wearing a mask or breathing difficulties, you cannot  book an appointment in this clinic.


Our office is being disinfected throughout the day.  We are using products that contain bleach and other chemicals.  If you have allergies to these substances or fragrance, please don’t book an appointment here. We have virus killing essential oils diffusing in the air as well.

We are doing a phone screening prior to your appointment to deem whether you are a good fit for the clinic.  Upon arrival, you will be asked a series of screening questions again.  If you have any signs/symptoms at that time and you are not deemed healthy by our Acupuncturist, we cannot allow you in the clinic.

If you have a problem with our policy, or we feel you are putting our staff or our patients at risk, you may be asked to leave at any time and dismissed from our clinic.

Your Acupuncturist will be wearing a face mask and will have washed hands with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer prior to touching you.

We feel it is important for patients to be able to continue acupuncture treatment for those who are receiving benefit with acupuncture for stubborn pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pregnancy related issues, fertility, bell’s palsy, digestive problems, etc.   In taking these measures, we feel safe in continuing to be there for our patients.

**Please call our Acupuncturist in Franklin TN to discuss your needs if you would like to be treated or you can schedule online**