Will Acupuncture Alone Help Weight Loss?

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While we’d like to think that Acupuncture is a fix all for everything, that is not entirely true.  While driving to work today, I was listening to one of my wonderful audio books where a man was discussing a healthy lifestyle and how to better yourself.  In it he explained the simple principles of having a healthy body and mind.  It seemed so simple what he said; we all need to eat lean protein, amp up on veggies, get some good cardio exercise and weight training.  Why is it that we as a culture have such a hard time doing this?  Our culture has evolved into a fast food, fast eating, junk food eating, no exercise nation.  We have come to rely on medicine to fix us vs. to guide us.  As this author explained, we should not be going to the doctor with the idea that the doctor needs to fix us.  We need to fix ourselves.  We rely far too much on others for jobs that we can do.  The problem is not necessarily in the choices available to us, the problem lies in our own decisions and self-control.

While cookies, ice cream and sweets are great at times as they give a rush of endorphins to the brain, if consumed too much these very things that cause us great joy at times, can cause as many problems in our health if overdone and are consumed in excess.  So what really is the problem?  The problem is in our need for instant gratification.  Rather thinking about long term gain for our minds, our bodies, our finances, our relationships, many Americans are wanting things instantly.  They want to feel joy NOW.  Happiness certainly is a wonderful thing to seek but if we are bargaining with happiness now and foregoing happiness later for what we can have now, this is not necessarily a good thing.  As we look to Chinese Medicine, we go back to the idea of balance.  There is some need for instant gratification but there is also a need to sit back, relax and wait.  If we can view our lives as a journey where we get small bursts of happiness throughout the day and appreciate the small things in life, while making correct and healthy decisions for our future, this leads to a balanced life.

Instant Gratification is becoming a disease that can go right along with alcohol, drugs, sex, and the need to always feel fulfilled and uplifted in the moment.  This need is not good.  Sugar and junk food is becoming the new drug of choice. While Acupuncture CAN help with weight loss, there is no magic remedy.  If you put junk into your body, the body will operate with junky mechanics.  If you put health into your body, the body will be getting what it needs nutritionally and will function optimally. Look at your body like a sports car.  If you want this sports car to run effectively and efficiently, you have to give it good oil, maintenance and treat it well.  When people come in to see their Acupuncturist, they are sometimes wanting a quick remedy for weight loss.  Like the car, if treated poorly it will wear out and will not function optimally.  At times, if this car gets so bad there are fewer choices to get this car back in tip top shape.  As we age, we end up developing health issues and diseases from this mistreatment.  So,  you end up with two choices:

  1.  Eat junk food and go into the doctor to have them ‘fix you’ with a bunch of pills and surgeries.
  2. Eat healthy and exercise and you fix yourself.  Not only that but you avoid the doctor, the pills and the diseases that come with ill health.

Although this can be a painful truth, it is the real truth.  Good food does not have to taste bad.  Healthy food can taste incredible when cooked with the right spices like garlic, ginger, cumin, sesame oil and the list goes on.  It just takes a little bit of creativity.

Who can resist this delicious meal?

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There are a plethora of ways you can cook fish, shrimp, crab, scallops and even lobster.  Or, you can have your lean meats such as chicken or turkey and even the occasional beef.  We were also gifted with so many incredible vegetables and we can even grow these from pots or our own yard!  Add a sauce and  you have an incredibly tasting meal.  If you don’t know how to cook, try Pinterest and search ‘healthy dinner ideas’ or ‘healthy lunch ideas’ or ‘healthy snack ideas’.  Magazines are loaded with incredible and tasty recipes so say goodbye to the mac n’ cheese!  Some of my favorites are Cooking Light, Clean Eating, Eating Well, Food Network. Try new restaurants like Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanes and choose healthy options. Ethnic foods typically cook with meat and vegetables, while leaving out the heavy carbs. Food Network is overflowing with amazing chefs who will show you step by step how to make a delicious meal from scratch.

Life takes effort and if you do not put in the effort, you go into default mode and become the average american who eats junk food.  So get excited about your health by making great meals that feed your body and your mind, and get out there and have fun with some exercise.  There is nothing better than a nice jog or a brisk walk in the fresh air.  Does Acupuncture help with Weight Loss?  Yes!  But, when you come in for Acupuncture we are going to sit down and address everything:  your digestion, how you are eating, how you are exercising and your lifestyle.

Remember, that you are your own best doctor and Hippocrates once said the best doctor is the doctor who acts as the teacher.  We have a great special going on this summer for weight loss, so check it out and let’s get you back to where you want to be.  Its a team effort and I am here to help! Let’s do this!

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