Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Work for Treating Seasonal Allergies

acupuncture for allergies franklin tn

As Summer winds down, the leaves, pollen, and grass all begin to change.  While the majority of people have their allergies during the spring and summer months.  There are some individuals who also have allergies in the fall.  Either way, Acupuncture is a fast and effective remedy for this and seasonal allergy sufferers start visiting the Acupuncture clinic in Franklin with nasal congestion, dry/red/burning eyes, post nasal drip and head tension a common symptom for you?  Typically this can get relieved in one treatment using points LI20 or BiTong.  These points are just beside the nose and instantly clear the sinuses.

How does this work?  Acupuncture gets directly to the nervous system.  The nerves are the commander of the body, giving instantaneous instructions to fire muscles, activate the lymph system, fire hormones, calm other hormones down, calm the nerves, excite the nerves, and drain fluids to name a few.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are a comprehensive medicine that helps so many ailments because your Acupuncturist in Franklin is directly tapping into the electrical currents of your body.  This is where everything happens!  If you want to go to a place where there is a lot of action, you hit NYC, the Big Apple.  If you want to go where everything is happening in the body, you go to the nervous system.  There are millions of nerve impulses daily and while you body is giving its own directives, sometimes it gets off balance.  An acupuncturist can direct the body on what to do.

If the Acupuncture was not enough to clear those sinuses and allergy symptoms, the Chinese Herbs will do the rest of the work.  This stuff is SO effective!  Its been around for 5000 years, so why wouldn’t it work?

If you need help, please give our Nashville Acupuncturist a call!