Fight Back to Plantar Fasciitis with Acupuncture!

Acupuncture franklin tn

Plantar Fasciitis is seriously painful!  And what to do when you cannot even walk on your own feet?  Luckily acupuncture has an answer for that.  Because we are on our feet constantly, and they are bearing our body’s weight, these little guys take on a lot of stress and strain.  At times, the muscle (or fascia) can get very inflammed (itis refers to inflammation) leaving you with pain, swelling and limited range of motion.  It can suddenly become very frustrating when the simple task of walking is interrupted.

At our Acupuncture clinic in Franklin TN we treat plantar fasciitis and have successfully been treating this for years!  We treat patients who have this disorder in the greater Nashville area.  It is most successfully treated with acupuncture because as the acupuncturist palpates or feels the specific point, an acupuncture needle is placed there.  This just barely touches the nerve and releases the inflammation that is in the surrounding tissue.  With each continuous point that gets an acupuncture needle, it instructs the body to block the pain receptor, decrease inflammation, move the blood into the surrounding tissue and to allow for new cells to form in this area.  Some ask, is this just a quick fix?  No!  Acupuncture is a long term solution to a long term problem.  It gets to the root.  While acupuncture blocks the pain receptor in the brain and allows the person to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, it is also dispersing the inflammation and allowing the nervous system to flow properly so it can fire an impulse down the axon.  Pain occurs when there is a problem and when there is not an open channel for the electrical potential in that nerve to travel down the pathway as it is meant to.  There becomes a blockage and when this occurs,  you get a throbbing, hot, painful sensation.

If you have plantar fasciitis, Acupuncture usually treats it pretty quickly.  In a few sessions you will typically walking normally again.  If plantar fasciitis is your issue and you are in the Franklin TN or Nashville area, please give our Acupuncture clinic a call!