Tele-Health Phone Consultations:

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Our Tele-health phone consultations incorporate Chinese Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Functional Medicine all in one session.  Each session is 1 hour long, where the Acupuncturist will review your new patient intake form, and go over any lab reports.  We will discuss your health issues in full, offering recommendations for supplements, Chinese Herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, further labs that should be done, and/or referrals to other specialists that may be helpful for your condition.

We are now offering these Tele-health consults to be able to share this wonderful medicine with a larger audience.  Although Acupuncture is absolutely amazing, it is not absolutely necessary for health and healing in every case.  Tele-medicine is very helpful for chronic illness, for those who would go to a doctor to try to find out what is going on in the body.  Some individuals may be having complications with hormones, digestive issues, or multiple system disorders who would greatly benefit from understanding what is going on with the body at is root, rather than being compartmentalized.

~We Want You to Live Your Best Life~

Please Contact us at 615-484-3331 for a Tele-Health Consultation