Renew Acupuncture Nashville Weight Loss Special
Get 6 Treatments for $300 and a Healthy Eating book for free.  This turns into $48 visit.  We will discuss how and what to eat and discuss a plan for optimal weight loss.  These visits are used within 3 weeks to jump start your metabolism and get the inches off!

Renew Acupuncture Nashville Quit Smoking Special
Quit smoking in 21 days!  6 Treatments for $300.  Great deal at $50/visit.  Acupuncture blocks the nicotinic receptor in the brain, so you wont want to smoke!  Works like Chantix without the negative side effects.  These visits are to be used twice/week for 3 weeks.  By the 3rd week, the cigarettes will be gone!

Renew Acupuncture Nashville Stress Relief Treatment
Come in for a summer relaxation treatment, to start the new year off with vibrant energy.  Acupuncture hits the reset button on your nervous system, allowing for the energy in your body to flow properly.  This relaxing treatment will calm, and rejuvenate the body. $70 for new patients

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