Lower Your Stress and Become More Fertile!

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There is an ongoing joke at our fertility clinic in Franklin these days.  During Covid, we have not had a single negative pregnancy test with patients doing IUI or IVF.  There was a patient who was told they had no viable eggs during an IVF retrieval who got pregnant naturally.  Every single patient who has undergone IUI or IVF treatment, has had a positive pregnancy test.  We have patients who have never been able to hold their pregnancy without miscarriage to be pregnant and on their way.  There is one common denominator here during covid-LOWERED LEVELS OF STRESS!

This is true because people are working at home, not having to jump into the hustle and bustle of traffic, and are much more relaxed in a home environment than in their work environment.  Lowered stress levels increases fertility level.  In short, our society has become too stressed out!  When a fertility patient is at home eating nurturing food, doing yoga, working in a calm environment, not only are more viable eggs produced but the body is in a calm state so the fetus can more easily implant into the uterus and want to stay there.

Are you in need of a fertility acupuncturist?  We have a good thing going at The Holistic Clinic.  Every single woman since covid has done consistent weekly acupuncture treatments has had a positive pregnancy test with IUI and IVF.  That is great odds!  Feel free to call us at our Acupuncture clinic in Franklin.  We serve the entire Nashville area.