acupuncture franklin tn

Can Acupuncture be helpful and is it safe during pregnancy?  Absolutely!  In fact, Acupuncture is used at all stages of pregnancy- before, during and after.  Acupuncture is so highly effective for fertility that we have specific pages for it.  It is helpful for women’s health, women’s fertility and men’s fertility.  How does it help?  Acupuncture is like hitting the reset button on the body and it is a direct connection to the nervous system which is the main control center of the body.  The Acupuncturist can activate certain points on the body which will help to balance hormones needed for pregnancy, help to increase ovulation, help the uterus to become very healthy for implantation, all the while increasing circulation and nutrients to the growing fetus, helping mom to absorb and digest food better, etc.  Acupuncture is AMAZING!

Many moms have different ailments such as backaches and constipation during pregnancy.  Others have morning sickness and nausea.  Whether you come to The Holistic Clinic for your infertility issues and receive acupuncture or whether you find us once you are already pregnant, you can jump on board.  Our Acupuncturist has been practicing Acupuncture and specializing in Acupuncture for fertility for over ten years so you are with a highly trained professional who knows and understands the different hormones and what the body should be doing at any particular stage.  Acupuncture is great for back pain and any side effects during pregnancy.  It is also great for stress reduction and giving mom, the hips and the mind a nice quiet time for rest and relaxation.

Is the baby late for his/her due date?  Not to fret, Acupuncture helps with this too!  There are certain points on the body that actually are known to stimulate and induce labor.  During pregnancy, your Acupuncturist knows not to activate these points but once you are ready, we can help to get you into delivery.  By stimulating these Acupuncture points, it is known to help mom have a better, less painful delivery.

Acupuncture is an amazing medicine.  If you need any help during your many phases of fertility, pregnancy, delivery or post-partum for mood balancing, stress reduction, or getting the body back to normal, please give us a call!