Acupuncture does the following:

  • Provides Pain Relief
  • Is fast and effective with little to no side effects
  • Gets to the root of the issue vs. compartmentalizing symptoms
  • Regulates body imbalances and physical/emotional problems
  • Is safely used with most medications

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture treatments are proven to be effective to eliminate physical or emotional pain, balance “chi” in the body, increase energy, improve organ function and overall health, and strengthen the body to fight disease.  Acupuncture, massage, cupping, herbal formulas and diet and lifestyle suggestions are added as needed to tailor each treatment to the individual.  Our Franklin Acupuncture clinic is dedicated to work on your health issues and deliver results.

Acupuncture: How It Works

The insertion of very small needles into points on the meridians, effective to:

  • Release endorphins in the brain to promote relaxation
  • Calm the mind and body
  • Balance hormones
  • Helping to prevent unnecessary surgeries
  • Halt disease progression
  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Treat any medical ailment


Deluxe Acupuncture & Massage

Initial Visit-1hr-$105. Follow-up-1hr-$95

  • Combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi and Tui Na techniques
  • Loosens Muscular Tension
  • Increases Circulation and Energy Flow for Pain Relief
  • Re-Alignment of Musculo-Skeletal System
  • Acupuncture to Relax, Realign, Nourish the Body

Acupuncture & Cupping

Initial Visit-1hr-$105. Follow-up-1hr-$95

  • Releases Toxins
  • Can Alleviate Cold/Flu Symptoms
  • Boosts Immunnity
  • Alleviates Tension and Pain
  • Acupuncture to Balance and Release

Facial Rejuvination

Initial Facial Rejuvenation-$105. Follow-up Facial-$95

  • Full facial with organic cleanser, exfoliant, toner and mask
  • Gua Sha to deepen moisture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acupuncture on Face and Body
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation
  • Increases Collage and Fibrin production
  • Tones and tightens muscles of the face

Renew Triple Combo

Intial Visit-$115. Follow-Up-$105

  • Massage, Cupping & Acupuncture
  • Provides Deep Tension Relief
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Ultimate Back Pain Treatment
  • Circulation & Chi Flow
  • Resets the Body’s Nervous System

House Calls

1hr session in the surrounding Nashville area-$225+, location dependent.

  • Consultation
  • Health Review
  • Acupuncture
  • Dietary/Lifestyle Consult
  • Herb Recommendation


Why Choose Our Acupuncturist?

  • Amy has 12 years of experience
  • She is in the top of her field, as a teacher/PDA provider for the NCCAOM, the governing body of Acupuncture
  • Specialties in fertility, chronic illness, difficult cases and pain management
  • Incorporates Holistic, Functional, Integrative medicine and other modalities
  • Founded an International Acupuncture Association

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