Spring is the time to clear and cleanse!  Try Acupuncture!

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Spring is finally here and Tennessee is turning into a beautiful garden of flowers.  Get out your iphone camera and start taking pictures, as the inner artist in you can really come out when there are such amazing pictures of nature to photograph!  I am no expert, but I took this picture with my iphone just outside my home.

Spring has a lot of other things to offer too, as it is a time of renewing and cleansing.  As the days become longer, warmer and brighter, all comes alive in nature after the deep hibernation of winter.  This is an energizing time, a great time to make lists, to be productive, to clean and organize your home, and achieve new goals.  In Chinese Medicine, nature follows cycles and each cycle is represented by an element.  In the spring, we are entering the season of Wood.  Wood season signifies rebirth and you can see this outside.  Wood is the energy of youth, growth, new beginnings and new life cycles.  Because so much of Chinese Medicine is based on following the seasons, we can be in sync by looking outside and basing our life choices on what the plants are doing.  It sounds funny, but we are a mere reflection of nature.  In our busy society it is difficult to hibernate in winter like the trees, but hopefully we have eaten good nourishing warm cooked meals, stayed inside cuddled up with hot chocolate and good books, and cultivated our ideas that we are going to ‘spring forward’.  Now that spring is here, it is time for ACTION!

The Wood element is associated with the organs of liver and gallbladder.  The liver is the official strategic planner of the body, the governor, the ruler.  He/she/it calls the shots!  The liver sees the direction that the body must take.  The gallbladder is in charge of will power, courage, and helps us to make decisions wisely.  There are certain emotions associated with these organs.  Liver houses depression, irritability, stress, anger while the gallbladder houses will power, decision making and courage.

Acupuncture is so helpful this time of year as we enter into this season and transition out of winter.  Why so?  Because some of these emotions can be stuck after the stagnation of winter.  The ideas can be there but there is no motivation to reach the goals.  Some are still stagnating with their New Year resolutions.  Some people still have cold/flu symptoms lingering.  This year we seem to have gotten the little buggers later and people are only now getting sick.  Whether the issue is emotional, physical or spiritual in nature, Acupuncture has a fix for that!

Do you need some rest and relaxation?  Try Acupuncture!

Do you need motivation to get moving and to hit the body’s reset button? Acupuncture works for that!

Feeling emotionally stuck?  Acupuncture helps that!

Acupuncture helps with so many things, it is a natural high that makes the body feel great!  Please give us a call for a free consultation.

 Acupuncturist in Nashville Tennessee-Amy L. Suplee


Acupuncturist Nashville

Amy L. Suplee-Licensed Acupuncturist in Nashville, TN

Amy is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified by the NCCAOM, the governing body for Acupuncturists in the United States.  She received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California and is a graduate of University of Colorado.  Amy is the Founder and CEO of the International Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association.

Amy specializes in Women’s Health, Fertility, Pain Management and Chronic Illness.  She has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Emotional Balancing and Acupuncture. She has a long history in Western Medicine so she has the ability to integrate an Eastern and Western approach.

Amy is passionate about her work and enjoys seeing results in her patients.  As an Acupuncturist and resident of Nashville, she is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health goals.  She has taken on some of the most difficult cases, and treated patients who have seen multiple doctors who had not previously had relief from their ailments.