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There are many causes for neck pain and with the advent of the internet and the technology boom, neck pain has worsened over the last decade.  People are now sitting for longer than they have previously.  Chairs are not always ergonomically correct and with the compounding stress, there you have neck pain.  Well, Acupuncture is the solution!  Neck pain is frequently treated with acupuncture and it is very effective because ‘pain’ is caused by a nerve that is typically being ‘pinched’ or impinged at the spinal column, or the bones of the spine.  This typically starts with muscular tension that is not released, yet continues to build.  As the tension increases, the muscles start to pull on the bones of the spine, in a sort-of tug of war action, in an attempt to balance out this tension.  If the tension is not released, the muscles will start pulling which then creates a spinal misalignment where the bones are not aligned properly.  This causes one of the bones of the spine to sit on the nerve, which then sends a signal to the brain causing pain.  This is the body’s way of letting you know that there is an issue that needs to be addressed/fixed.

Often times, people will wait until this muscular tension gets so bad that they cannot move.  Then of course, the problems get more complicated.  Sometimes people even need to go to the hospital for cortisone shots and pain medications.  If back and neck pain is not addressed early on, it can also lead to degenerative disks or herniated (slipped) disks.  This can then lead to surgery and chronic inflammation and pain.

We always suggest to address your pain early on.  Acupuncture is so effective for relieving pain at the nervous system.  With the combination of massage, this releases the muscular tension, allowing the tension on the spine to relax.  An Acupuncture Massage combination is something that our Nashville Acupuncture clinic specializes in, since it is a complete treatment for pain relief, relaxation, and alleviating tight painful muscles.

Please give us a call at Renew Acupuncture Nashville.  We are happy to answer your questions about how Acupuncture helps neck pain!