Can Acupuncture Solve the Menopause Dilemma?

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If hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, mood swings and feeling mentally and emotionally off are familiar symptoms, we have the answer.  Acupuncture helps to regulate hormones, mood, cools the body, and balances the emotions while releasing natural endorphins in the brain.  Because the nervous system is the main commander of the body, with acupuncture certain points can be stimulated which tell the body to quickly re-balance itself.

As women reach middle age, their bodies shift and this shift causes estrogen and progesterone to decrease.  With the dangers of hormone replacement therapy known, it is not the best first option.  There are other options such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and supplementation along with important diet and lifestyle changes.  Your Acupuncturist in Franklin TN, who serves the entire Nashville area will be able to guide you on the best herbs to take for your particular situation.  Often times, small changes are needed which can bring about excellent results.  With acupuncture points that are placed on the body, the body is redirected.  Instead of externalizing these emotions, the Acupuncturist is simply telling the body to re-balance through the nervous system, as each point has a specific purpose and the nervous impulse sent allows the body to regulate the hormones which are out of balance.

Many ask how many acupuncture treatments are needed.  Often, the patient feels relief in one or two treatments.  Sometimes if the condition has become chronic and deeply ingrained, the person will need a few sessions.  Yet, Chinese herbs are very supplemental for menopausal symptoms.  This is the ‘take home medicine’ for women suffering from such symptoms that seem to make life unbearable at times.  Certain Chinese Herbal medicines help to cool the body down, and calm the mind, whilst others calm the emotions.

The Holistic Clinic is a holistic health center and acupuncture clinic in Franklin TN serving the entire Nashville area. We specialize in Women’s Health.  If you are having difficulties with the transition into menopause, please give us a call.  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are very effective and safe for long-term usage without side effects.