About Us

The Holistic Clinic is an Acupuncture clinic in Franklin TN, serving the greater Nashville area. We offer Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Nutrition, Massage, Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation and Holistic Medicine. We incorporate the best of Eastern and Western Medicine to ensure the best possible results for your healthcare.

Treatments & Therapies

At The Holistic Clinic in Franklin Tennessee, we offer Private treatments with our Licensed Acupuncturist which are catered to your specific needs. You will receive quality, individualized time and a specialized treatment in your own quiet, private room with soft music playing for your relaxation and enjoyment.

What To Expect

Results Driven

Exceeding your expectations is our motto in business. Our Acupuncture clinic in Franklin tires to deliver the best results as quickly as possibly to get you feeling better. 

Painless Acupuncture

We pride ourselves in offering the best Acupuncture in Franklin, that is relatively painless by fine tuning our skills, and with many years of practice. Acupuncture is NOT supposed to hurt. Our Franklin Acupuncturist has been in practice for 12 years, ensuring you receive quality care


Our Acupuncturist in Franklin is trained in both Eastern and Western Medicine.  We create treatment plans with Western Medical Doctors and aim to find the best possible solution for you and your needs, for your individual healthcare goals. We accept United Healthcare Insurance and are open on Saturdays!


Whole Body Balancing

We strive to get your body balanced quickly and properly the first time.  Our Acupuncturist has years of experience with the ability to delve into difficult cases, to understand the root of the issue and to create a treatment plan for health and healing.  Whether you are coming in for chronic illness, fertility, or pain management, you will be treated with thorough evaluation, years of skill and the most up to date knowledge in the healthcare field.  Amy Suplee, Licensed Acupuncturist, understands the mechanics of the body, the musculature and the inner workings of the body, as well as the organ systems and how it all interrelates to each other in one dynamic whole.

Doctor as Teacher

At The Holistic Clinic in Franklin TN, we practice with the utmost integrity.  We follow the notion of ‘doctor as teacher’, so during each session our Acupuncturist offers a world of education and information that you likely will not receive elsewhere.

With a background in Eastern/Western Medicine, Nutrition, Supplements and Holistic Healing, Amy Suplee finds it important to educate her patients on how to stay healthy preventatively.  This allows for a community that is healthier, less dependent on medications, and happier in their lives. 

Acupuncture with Compassion

“The Holistic Clinic has a tranquil ‘healing environment’ and  this positive vibration is transmitted to each and every patient”

Chinese Medicine

“The Chinese Herbal Formulas were so effective for my stomach issues.  I was amazed.”