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Sound and light are the two most basic forms of energy.  A single photon of light can carry vast amounts of information.  Acupuncture works by emitting biophotons of light.  In Greek, the word biophoton means “life” and “light.” A biophoton is a light particle which allows for electromagnetic transmission and radiation. It is best described as a particle that has properties of both waves and particles.  The photon was developed by Albert Einstein when certain experiments did not fit the classic ‘wave model’ of light.  Photons have certain properties such as charge, mass and spin.  Einstein’s discovery of photons has led to incredible advancements in the fields of quantum field theory, quantum computers, photochemistry, etc.

The photo-electric effect states that when light interacts with matter, the energy of light is transferred to electrons.  The electrons allow for conduction to take place in what is called the ‘meridian system’ in Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture is therefore a fiber optic light communication system, capable of carrying and transmitting vast amounts of information.  All living cells emit biophotons of light.  Light is responsible for organizing cellular function.  It is also the medium through which cells and DNA communicate.  It has been found that diseased or cancerous cells emit more light because their organization system breaks down.

The Acupuncture meridian system is the pathway or ‘backbone’ that enables DNA, cells, organs and the nervous system to have communication.  Researchers have said that the meridian system is the first to develop in a growing fetus, providing the blueprint of growth that leads to cell specialization and organ development.  The signals that arise directly from the DNA are called biophotons.  The meridian system transports these cellular biophotonic signals to all areas of the body.  It also transports DNA, RNA and mitochondrial material.

The Acupuncture portals are small ducts along the meridian lines which act as access points.  This is where the Acupuncturist will insert the needle.  Each point is specified to do a certain job, or send a certain signal.  When the needle is inserted, a number of biophotons are emitted that travel along that channel.  It then acts as a signal relay, which is similar to the microwave towers.  This allows for the signal to travel at a fast speed throughout the body without losing strength or power.  Since biophotons are electromagnetic signals produced by DNA in cells, that carry specific cellular information to other cells, organs or other areas of the body, it confirms how Acupuncture works.  Biophotons allow for cell development and differentiation.

When a person is experiencing pain, discomfort or a bodily disharmony such as a digestive disorder, there are blockages which are seen as tiny granules microscopically.  These granules become lodged at junctions of the meridian, vessels, and nerves.  The normal flow of circulation and the nervous system is thus halted.  An increased pressure is needed then at one of the portals to free the bundle of granules, reestablishing the normal flow back to the system.

A scientist by the name of Kim Bong Han mapped the Acupuncture meridian system by injecting radioactive dye into acupoints.  When injected, it did not turn up in the blood or lymph system, but appeared at other acupoints.  This experiment showed that the meridian system is independent of the lymph, blood or nervous system.  Yet, Acupuncture in the meridian system can directly impact the other systems due to its ability to fire multiple cellular signals at once to different areas of the body.  It has been said that the Acupuncture meridian system is the ‘blueprint’ of the body.  It serves as the informational trunk or root, that helps the body maintain a level of functionality and balance amongst the other systems.

The liquid within the meridian system is different than any other bodily substance.  It has large quantities of DNA, RNA, Hyaluronic acid and Adrenaline.  One function of the meridians is to carry stem cells directly from the body’s DNA.  They are then delivered to the areas of the body that need it.  This is exactly why ‘more is not better’ here.  Initiating stem cell production is a delicate matter.  Too many acupuncture needles does not yield a better result.  Practitioners should also not be treating both sides of the body in one session.  The American mindset may believe they are getting more bang for their buck, if they get a treatment on the front and the back.  This is not true.  Acupuncture works best when the Practitioner is focused on producing specific results and directing the flow of energy to treat specific ailments.  A body that is completely out of balance should not expect to be rearranged in one session.  The biophotons emit energy and information, but the body can only handle so much information circulating in one session.  It is wise for a Practitioner to not overdo this.

These signals that interact directly with the body’s DNA then translate into chemical actions which allows for growth and repair in such an injury as a sprained ankle or an MCL tear.  Once Acupuncture is initiated, and if it is performed correctly, the body knows what to do.  MRI’s measure magnetic fields and radiowaves.  Experiments have been conducted where a subject has received Acupuncture while the brain activity is measured by an MRI.  Researchers have found that when stimulating a point that is related to the eyes or vision, the area of the visual cortex will be lit up on the MRI.

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Claude Swanson, an MIT and Princeton University physicist is doing some remarkable research bridging the gap between physics and Acupuncture.