Men’s Fertility: A Crucial Component

Nashville acupuncture

Nashville Fertility Acupuncture


Men need to be fertile too!

There are a number of issues that can arise on the man’s side of fertility that are greatly helped with Acupuncture at our Nashville clinic.  Such irregularities are:

                                                              -Low Sperm count                                  -Low Libido

                                                             -Low Testosterone                                  -Stress/Anxiety

                                                            -Sperm motility                                       -Sperm mobility

Women are not the only ones who can receive Acupuncture for Fertility. Acupuncture is a great way to treat fertility issues in men and to increase libido.  Better yet, men and women can get Acupuncture together, in a room side by side for the goal of creating a family at our Nashville Acupuncture clinic.

This creates the best possible outcome when the man is also working on his health.  The health of the man is equally as important as it is his “seed” that is implanted in the embryo.  If you are experiencing fertility issues with your spouse,  you may want to come in and talk to our Nashville Acupuncturist. A team effort will produce the best results for your beautiful newborn baby to arrive.